This weeks create blog is the perfect activity for the children this weekend.

Find out how to make your own cute piggy bank to save money for a summer full of fun.

This is such a simple idea but the possibilities are endless. All you need is a simple empty,  plastic bottle, some basic craft supplies and a little imagination! Read on for how we made our two little piggy and some we love on Pinterest.

You will need:

An empty plastic bottle

Some scissors

Glue (or glue dots), Tape

Coloured card and paper

A permanet marker pen

You will need to:

Cut the bottle so you create a head and bottom

Line them up and cut a coin hole

Attach one to the other

Decorate with whatever you want (see below for ideas)

Balloon Piggy


This balloon piggy was super simple to make. We use balloons as coverings for the plastic by cutting the bottom or top off each balloon depending on where it needed to go.  We added some patterns using washi tape,  made a tail out of thick card and some legs from an old egg carton.

Stripe Piggy


This little pig was decorated using some simple stripped paper (in fact it was a paper sweet bag). We then covered some card with the same paper for ears and added a circle on his snout to create a co-ordinating nose. His tail was simply a spiral cut from the same paper

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